Aqua Shield

Aqua Shield™


Aqua Shield™ is GP Specialists exclusive plasma treatment which is FDA approved. Plasma treatment involves subjecting the contact lens material to cold plasma gas in a reaction chamber. Plasma gas consists of electrons, positive ions and neutrons in a highly energized state. Treating GP contact lens with cold plasma gas effectively removes all manufacturing residue from the lenses resulting in a remarkably clean surface. The benefit of this super clean surface is improved on-eye wettability, which in turn provides increased immediate comfort for the patient, crisper vision and easier adaptation to the GP lenses.

The plasma treatment effect will diminish over time as the patient handles the lenses, so patients will need to be aware of this gradual change. The need to keep the lenses super clean also makes it very important to handle the lenses as little as possible before dispensing to the patient. You can be assured that the patient will be comfortable with the choice and also be assured of your patient’s long term eye health and satisfaction with their GP lenses.

Aqua Shield™ is available on all Paragon, Boston and Contamac materials.