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GP Specialists FDA* Approved Corneal REFRACTIVE THERAPY  Orthokeratology Lenses

GP Specialists’ contact lenses for corneal refractive therapy were FDA approved in the Spring of 2002.* Lenses may be worn for night therapy with normal cleaning and disinfecting upon removal as recommended by the eye care practitioner.

GP Specialists’ Corneal Reshaping Lenses Unique formulated designs will apply gentle pressure on the tear layer decreasing the center thickness of the cornea. If the treatment is discontinued the process is reversed.

There is no age restriction. Ortho-k contact lenses are safe, effective, predictable and reversible.

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OrTHO-K Corneal Refractive THERAPY Lenses are Life Changing

New technology / new Ortho-k designs. A procedure that once took weeks (even months) to achieve now may be accomplished in a very short time (one to twenty days.)

The goal is to reduce Myopia and improve vision for the life-style choice of your patient. Enhanced vision provides freedom and confidence for daily activity. Functional vision without lenses is impossible without surgery or reshaping lenses.

  • Orthokeratology lenses gently shapes and molds the front of the cornea safely
  • Ortho-k contact lenses have Predictable Results
  • Assures health and comfort for the cornea
  • Improves vision with FDA approved night Ortho-k therapy, state of the art designs for reshaping the cornea.
  • No recovery, No healing
  • Reversible procedure
  • Non-Surgical Procedure
  • Improved vision in hours
  • No time off work during initial treatment

Ortho-k Retainer Contact Lens- Free Evaluation

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Response System

Transition Reverse Zone is steeper in proportion to the target refraction and the pretreatment central ‘K’.

Control Surface System Aids in positioning on pupil center.


Orthokeratology treatment for use in the reduction of myopic refractive error in non-diseased eyes. GP Specialists Ortho-k lenses use Paragon HDS and Paragon HDS 100 materials as indicated for FDA approved night wear in the corneal reshaping orthokeratology fitting program.


  • Acute and sub-acute inflammations or infection of the anterior segment of the eye
  • Any eye disease, injury, or abnormality that affects the cornea, conjunctiva or eyelids.
  • Severe insufficiency of tears (dry eyes)
  • Corneal hypoesthesia (reduced corneal sensitivity)
  • Any systemic disease that may affect the eye or be exacerbated by wearing contact lenses.
  • Allergy to any ingredient, such as mercury or thimerosal, in a solution which is used to care for contact lenses.
  • Any active corneal infection (bacterial, fungal or viral) Eyes become red or irritated.
  • GP Specialists’ contact lenses for corneal reshaping orthokeratology are shipped to the practitioner non-sterile.
  • Clean and condition prior to use.


When selecting this procedure, keep in mind the continuing ocular health of the patient, and lens performance on the eye should be carefully monitored by the prescribing eye care practitioner.

Every possible complication may not be seen in initial clinical studies.

Ortho-k Patient Selection

  • Desire and need for refractive reduction
  • No contraindications of wearing contact lenses
  • Too young for surgery
  • Freedom during sports
  • Alternative to surgery
  • Alternative to continuous wear
  • Alternative to daily wear contact lenses
  • Alternative to eye glasses

Predicting ORTHOKERATOLOGY Results

The amount of reduction will depend on:

  • – Origional ‘K’ Readings
  • – Amount of Myopia
  • – Elastic characteristics of the cornea
  • – Rigidity factor of the cornea
  • – The way the contact lens is fitted

Reduction for any individual patient’s myopia may vary depending on that patient’s corneal variables.

Report Adverse Reactions

All serious adverse experiences and adverse reactions observed in patients wearing or experienced with the lenses should be reported to the manufacturer immediately.


*For complete FDA approved parameters and practitioner off-label uses call 800-889-0379.