Keratoconus Soft Contact Lenses

Keratoconus Soft Contact Lenses-YamaKone by GP Specialists

Introducing the Keratoconus Soft Contact Lens

the YamaKone™ IC

for the keratoconus patient who has difficulty tolerating gas permeable contact lenses

Understanding that comfort is a key component for the keratoconus (kone) patient who cannot tolerate gas permeable hard contact lenses, the YamaKone™ IC soft keratoconus (kone) lens incorporates a unique “comfort control curve” which adds a greater degree of comfort for the sensitive eye patient.


Simplified Fitting

Our proprietary Symmetrical Design Technology gives our keratoconus soft contact lens the ability to mask up to 6 diopters of cylinder without the need for toric curves.   This unique feature allows for a more simplified keratoconus soft contact lens fitting.


Enhanced Patient Visual Acuity

The YamaKone™ IC incorporates a series of spherical and aspheric curves to enhance the keratoconic patient’s visual acuity by controlling Low Order Aberrations associated with compromised corneas.


Comfort Control Curve

Our Keratoconus Soft Contact Lens was designed for as much patient comfort as possible for those patients who can’t tolerate hard gas permeable lenses.  The YamaKone™ IC keratoconus lens is designed with a unique “comfort curve” which provides a greater degree of comfort for the sensitive eye patient.


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Keratoconus Soft Contact Lens YamaKone






The beauty of the YamaKone™  IC SOFT KERATOCONUS CONTACT  LENS is that you can change the CCC (Comfort Control Curve).  We have selected FC3 from all the feedback received from doctors.  If the patient complains about feeling the edges (fluting) then you can order FC2 which will give a tighter and snugger fit in the P.C. (peripheral curve).  Selecting a higher #  (i.e.: FC4 ) will loosen the P.C.

YamaKone™  IC (SOFT KERATOCONUS CONTACT LENS):  These lenses were developed for the patients with intolerance to gas permeable lenses.  They are constructed with the use of the highest technology using proprietary spherical and aspherical curves which results in a snugger fit thus eliminating bubbles seen with most soft lenses on these irregularly shaped cornea’s.   These lenses are sure to satisfy many of your cone patients.

KERATOCONUS:  The ideal and first option with most cone patients is to call our consultants for their recommendations.  GP Specialists’ consultants are here to help you with your cone patients.  They will  most likely design a gas permeable lens dependent on the K readings/Topography map.  Our consultants have many different gas permeable designs at their disposal.  Gas permeable kone lenses will give these patients the best acuity.

YamaKone soft contact lens keratoconus fitting guide

YamaKone Soft Contact Lens Keratoconus Simplified Fitting Guide