iSight Multifocal Lenses

iSight Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses


Custom Soft Lenses

Designing a custom soft multifocal is not childs play

Take advantage of your skills as a practitioner to design a custom soft center distance or center near multifocal specific to your patients individual needs.

Our iSight MCL custom multifocal contact lenses are designed for patients who are 8 years old and older.

The secret is our ability to manipulate the center distance (CD) or center near (CN) translation zones to create the optimal multifocal add effect.

Untap the potential of custom soft iSight MCL multifocals in your practice today!


DW Custom Gold Series
Modality Daily Wear Daily Wear
Material Methafilcon A Hioxifilcon A
Basecurve 8.0 – 9.5 8.0 – 9.5
Diameters 13.0 – 15.5 13.0 – 15.5
Powers +25.00 to -25.00 +25.00 to -25.00
Add Power +1.00 to +4.00 +1.00 to +4.00
Transition Zones 1.8 to 3.0 1.8 to 3.0
Color Clear & Blue Handling Tint Blue Handling Tint

* Additional parameters available upon request


iSight- “Myopia Controlens- MCL”  (Articles on Slowing Myopia Progression in Children)

There are a number of articles providing insight on the use of a number of methods that may slow myopia progression in children.   These articles refer to many studies using both orthokeratology contacts lenses and custom designed soft center distance multifocal contact lenses with high add powers.   The theory behind the benefits of these lenses is the creation of peripheral hyperopic blur and its effects on eye growthIf you are interested in the use contact lenses for slowing the progression of myopia in children please feel free to review these articles and studies.

Review of Optometry: Slowing Myopia Progression in Children
Current and Future developments in Myopia Control
Study of the Theories about Myopia Progession- STAMP
Links to Orthokeratology Mypoia Control Studies